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Who we are...

Quadratic Concepts was founded by Faith Sibanda and Mandla Sibanda. This was in response to a need to serve the business growth interests of small companies that are generally overlooked by big business.

Our Team

Quadratic Concepts (pty) LTD. management has invested in Total Quality Management Courses to ensure thorough understanding of all aspects of quality, what it entails and how it can be identified from non-quality. In order to provide services and products of highest quality to our clients, Quadratic Concepts (pty) LTD. strives to make sure that its services and products are of the same caliber as those that are rendered and offered by enterprises that have had extensive experience in their respective industries. We source partnerships in only experienced enterprises and constantly study markets to remain on par with the latest happenings. Quadratic Concepts (pty) LTD. continues to invest in knowledge seeking to insure that quality is not compromised in any of our services and products.


Business Lead and Processes

Faith Sibanda



Operations Manager

Mandla Sibanda


Our Values Include:

* Quality
* Environment sensitivity
* Honesty
* Reliability
* Integrity
* Professionalism
* Discipline

Our Services


We help brand your business and give it a professional look that will help it stand out


business face


With all services we provide to you, we do an analysis of the positive impacts it yields for your business


impact and trends


Our services are tailor made and structured around your budget. We consider your budget with each service we provide to you.


value for money


With our advertising and marketing solutions, we assist in getting your brand out there


brand publicity


  • Centralised Electronic Exco Dashboard: A Q-concepts application developed for Standard Bank S.A OPC Department.It is the first ever centralized dashboard indicating the current and past 24hr status of service delivery, Group Wide. The application provides for real time updates over a mobile and desktop device and also narrows down to all Standard Bank African countries branched.

  • Quadratic Concepts is an authorised Soteria Fire Extinguisher product distributor. Soteria is an innovative, most effective means of extinguishing fires. It needs no training, it is environmentally friendly and can be used by anyone. It simply puts the conventional, heavy, hard to operate and expensive extinguisher in the history pages.

  • Smartyouth is a Q-concepts initiative that is aimed at educating youth with issues that affect them on a daily basis. To achieve this, this initiative introduces an innovative and exciting approach that has never been explored in the past to convey important and useful information to members of the youth society.

  • With neither prejudice nor discrimination to any race, gender and religion, The Qonscious Redical is a brand of wear that aims to controversially tap on the pages of history, provoke thought, deliver a message and spark conversation

Contact Info

13 Calderwood Life Estate
Beryl Road
The Stewards Ext 13
Benoni 1401

+27 79 8415699