"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it."
Edith Head

The Intention

Our intention is to provide the client with a personalized boutique experience when purchasing either an investment piece to their current wardrobe or an overall fashion upgrade designed coveniently to the client's budget.

This provides the client with a unique handcrafted item designed exclusively to that individual's body measurements and personality.

What You Get

We offer beautiful accessories to go with your beautiful garment.
We design beautiful garments that best fit your occassion and need
We offer proffesional make up service by a qualified make-up artist

The Process


Contact us and arrange to meet with the designer.
The designer will help you realise your actual
need and guide you through every step to achieving what will make you most happy


Engage with the designer as we put your need
and wish to a conceptualised design. All things
will be considered in this engagement, such as the uniqueness of your body type and the nature of the event you seek the garment for.


Throughout our journey together, we will strive to ensure that once the order is finally completed, that not only will you step out feeling confident and empowered in your new garment but you will most certainly also have an interesting story to tell everytime you’re complemented upon.